My acne (knock on wood), is pretty much non-existent these days.. which is nice.
I definitely need new pants.. I have almost no fat left in the bottom half of my body. It's now all in my stomach. I need to figure out how to lose the weight in my stomach, because I look pregnant. VERY pregnant. lol

On April 7th, funding for gender reassignment surgery was cut from the health care budget here in Alberta, after 10 years of funding it.
And because of how involved I've been in the fight to get it reinstated, I've been completely focused on just being ME.. it's really helping. "She" hasn't really been out at all these past two weeks. I know this is my authentic self.
The very moment I heard that my surgeries probably won't be covered, I was devastated.. I felt trapped, and scared that I'd be stuck in the wrong body forever.. because it's not like I can afford the surgeries on my own.. I can barely afford to take care of my most basic needs as it is.

Anyway, I've been in a couple news articles, and on TV a few times, to speak out about how the budget cut has affected me.

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