I left for Edmonton early Tuesday morning.. the bus was delayed by an hour though. I got to Edmonton two hours before my appointment, but took a cab to the hospital right away, and went to Dr. Warnekes'soffice.
Because I got there early, he saw me early.. I saw one of his interns first though. I didn't like her.. and didn't understand why it was necessary for me to talk to her. I didn't understand why Dr. Warneke couldn't just ask me those questions himself.
Anyways, he wanted to talk surgery.. as did I.
Talking about a hysterectomy was an option, but I opted out of getting a referral for that, for the time being. I told him I'm more concerned about chest surgery right now. I explained that it's very difficult to pass because my chest is so large.. and that I often don't want to leave the house, because I'm so self conscious about it.. he then told me that he knows that sometimes it's impossible for a transguy to do his RLT before he's had chest surgery, and that he will sent in a referral to Dr. De Haas, right away. (Dr. De Haas is a plastic surgeon here in Calgary, who actually works out of the hospital I was in.)
Logan (my ex boyfriend) got a referral to the same guy.. and went for his consult a couple months ago. He told me De Haas said that he will not operate on anyone who hasn't done at least 3 years of RLT and been on Testosterone for at least a year.
I told Warneke this, and Warneke said he's never heard of that before. He said that if he gives the referral, the surgeon will trust his opinion, and not make a person wait that long. He wondered if it was him who gave the referral, or just Jablonski. I remember that Jablonski did originally give Logan the referral.. but I had thought he had a second one sent in by Warneke.
Warneke did tell me to call De Haas's office in a week, if they haven't already called me. He also said that if De Haas tells me I have to go by the standards he mentioned to Logan, I should contact him and tell him.. and then he'll talk to De Haas personally.. because it's not right that he make a person wait that long. In the Standards Of Care, it says a person doesn't have to do their RLT for more than a year, before being eligible for SRS, never mind chest surgery.. and most surgeons don't require a patient to be on hormones at all, before they operate.
Hopefully I don't have to wait too long.

By the way, I fixed my binder. Sewed it all up.. it's ike new now =). but I'm still probably going to buy another one soon.

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