Dear GOD.. the horny won't ever stop!
I can't stop jerking off!
.. I think I've rubbed myself completely raw. =/
Maybe that was too much information, but I don't really care.. I'm shameless ;)

Yeah, my sex drive just keeps getting worse and worse..
I check out women shamelessly in public.. sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it! .. lol..
I feel the need to lift things and be physically active..
I'm passing a little bit more..
But my voice isn't very deep yet, so I have to force it to go deeper if I really want to sound masculine.
There are times when I try, and times when I don't feel like it..
I can't wait til I get to the point where it's effortless to be seen as male.

Here are some voice clips:
(just so you know, I can do a cartoon-like "toddler" voice, and I'm also keeping track of how that has changed.)

The toddler voice at 5 months:

The highest my voice can go at 5 months:

The lowest my voice can go at 5 months:

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