The hair is starting to become noticeable.
I have hair on my hands now.. the arm hair continues darkening..
I'm getting some fuzz on my tummy.
I have visible dark hairs on my chin and underneath it.. they're also getting coarser..
my leg hair has been thickening..
My voice is definitely deeper..
My face is way more masculine..
The horniness is more insane than ever. I have to j/o like 8 times a day to be satisfied.. hahaha..
I'm passing more now.. not 100%, but it's definitely getting better.
I'm hungry all the time, and I can consume my body weight in food and still be hungry.. haha..
I'm feeling much more aggressive.. and ragey.. alot..
If someone or something annoys me, I have to take a step back and remind myself it's not worth it, to punch the person.. heh.
My shoulders are broader.. my muscle has increased.. so has my strength..
I don't know what else..
People who knew me pre-T, and haven't seen me in 6 months or more, don't even recognize me..
I honestly don't think I've changed THAT much.. but according to them, I have.
and when I call home, my own dad doesn't recognize my voice.
I ask for mom, and he tells me I've got the wrong number.. LOL
on the phone, when using the low part of my voice (I can still alternate), I pass 100%.
So, things are coming along.. but it's been 6 months now.. and it doesn't feel like it's been even 4 yet with what little change I've had. The gel is frustratingly slow.

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