I shaved yesterday, and I feel naked.. lol
I can't stroke my baby goatee anymore
.. but I already have some definite stubble goin on. It's not really visible, but I can feel it. I'm going to grow it out for a couple of weeks and see what happens. I will take pictures.
I like the fact that I *have* to shave, because it means I have some hair on my face.. but then after I shave, I'm sad, because I don't have that hair anymore.. lol

Day 2 and I already have some coarse dark hairs poking through!

I've been feeling rather self conscious again lately..
My binder ripped again.. this time, in the mesh.. and it won't sew back together.. so I'm really upset about that.. it just won't bind properly anymore.
I've also been getting "she'd" alot in public again, and it's really bothering me. I don't understand why.. because for the past month, I haven't had much of that at all.. then suddenly I have several days in a row, several times a day, of people doing it..

I am, however, completely stealth in my DBT skills class.. and no one has any idea there at all, that I'm female-bodied.. so that's kind of cool.
I'm just sad that I'm not passing as much as I seemed to be just a bit ago. *sigh*
That and the boy I'm seeing kinda said he likes my boobs.. so that gave me a bit of a dysphoric moment as well.

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