My chin gets hairier every day.. well, the lowest part of my chin, towards my neck, and down my neck. the hair in the sideburn area has gotten a little darker, and is growing just a little bit more.. my legs are so much thinner.. so is my butt and hips and stuff.. while my stomach is just massive.. lol
voice keeps getting deeper..
I've noticed my hairline is receding.. not so pleased with that..
the acne is getting out of control again..
I find it quite difficult to cry. If I cry at all, it happens sporadically. and only for a few seconds at a time.
I haven't been called any female pronouns in a long time, except at the gay bars. Everyone else thinks I'm a teenage boy..
the only thing is sometimes people can't tell what my gender is at all.. whether I'm male or female.. so they ask.. haha.. (for some reason people of certain ethnicities have a knack for spotting femaleness or something) but no one automatically assumes I'm a girl anymore.. and it feels great.

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