I have more mustache hairs, and some dark chin hairs!

I'm also still noticing dark hairs creeping up all over my body..
My voice is bouncing back and forth..
But I haven't had any T in a couple weeks now.. and my progress has pretty much plateaued.. and uh.. my emotions and mental state.. are a complete mess.

Some pictures of my facial hairs below, and my first video in my video blog about my transition.
Dark, coarser hairs are cropping up on my arms..
My tummy is fuzzy..
My crotch hair is INSANE.. I need to shave it.
I have a bit of moustache coming in. It's pretty light still.. but there's some dark hairs in there..
My face is slightly more masculine..
My ass is like, non-existant, compared to before.
My voice is significantly deeper.. still not as deep as I want it though.
I'm passing about one third of the time now.. which is a HUGE improvement for me.

Negative stuff:
The hornyness is INSANE!! It's freaking insatiable!
.. and the acne.. oh god.. it's getting REALLY bad.. =/
I even have a little bit of bacne.