Been back on T for 3 weeks now. Noticing some weightloss already, but hair growth is still slowed way down.. face is still ridiculously feminine.. not really passing at all, aside from my voice. People give me strange looks when I talk, as though they're surprised that my voice is so masculine when they thought I was a girl..

I was a mess, mentally, while being off T.. but I'm noticing I'm getting a bit better now that I'm back on it..
I will not be going off T again. That was the stupidest thing I've ever done, even if it was for a reason. lol

I started hair loss medicine at the end of September.. it's called Proscar, or "Finasteride".. it's actually a form of testosterone blocker.. but my doctor clarified that it will only block it at the follicle level.. as in, it prevents and treats hair loss. I have been noticing some new hair growth where I was balding.. so that's pretty good..
I'm just hoping it's not preventing my facial/body hair from growing..

My top surgery is actually this coming Wednesday (November 25th)!!!
My nannie is here to look after me afterwards.
My hysterectomy consult is at the beginning of January.

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