Things aren't progressing much at the moment, because I went off T for a while..
But something I've noticed, having been off it for a while, is.. (well, a few things I've noticed..).. my thought process has changed again.. it's similar to the way it was pre-testosterone..
the logic is going away.. I'm getting all emotional again.. and my mental state is not so good.
I'm getting fat again.. (GAH!).. especially in the butt and thighs.. and unfortunately my boobs (YUCK) are getting fuller.
But I get angry alot less often.. I'm alot more passive.. lol
My skin is softening.. and I'm not passing as well..
The receding of my hairline has slowed down a little bit.. but it's pretty bad as it is, and I may have to resort to hair transplant surgery if I ever want a full hairline again. I'm depressed about that.
Have not started rogaine yet.. it's expensive =(
I will go back on it soon. I just needed to hold off for a bit, for personal reasons.

My top surgery is in 2 months.. I'm beyond excited for that!
I'm almost tempted, though, to ask the doctor to just.. "accidentally" nip and tuck a bit from my thighs and stomach while he's at it =P

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