I have my fifth shot today..
Since I started injections, here's everything that's happened:

- My voice has dropped to the point where I don't have to force it down anymore.. it's just naturally quite low.

- I have an extremely hairy face. Of course, most of it is fuzz, and it's lighter colored.. but I have a baby hair goatee goin on.. haha.
There is more hair on my chin now.. and darker, too.. -- than it was in that picture I posted last. It's growing fast now.
I still haven't shaved.. I don't wanna =(
.. but before I do (IF I do), I will post a mascara pic.

- The hair all over my body, especially my thighs and arms has gotten darker, coarser, and thicker.

- My cheekbones have disappeared completely.. they used to be very prominent.. but now, you can't see them at all.

- My jaw has widened, and my face has squared off. My nose even seems to have widened a bit.. and my brow bone seems bigger somehow.

- My you-know-what is apparently huge for someone who's only been on T for 8 months.

- My hips, waist, and ass have shrunk drastically. I think I dropped at least one pant size. The lack of curves really helps with passing.

Not so pleasant changes: I sweat very easily, my skin is very oily, I think about sex like 23578925987 times a day, and I've lost my entire mid vocal range.

Like I said before, I pass pretty much everywhere now, except at the gay bars.
I probably wouldn't pass at any bar, come to think of it.. because I look about sixteen.. and in order to get into a bar, you have to be 18.. lol
But yeah, out in public, I definitely pass. And if there are moments when I don't, all I have to do is say "I'm a dude", and they quickly correct themselves without batting an eyelash. They don't doubt me when I tell them that now. Before, they would. They'd do that thing where they'd stare directly at my chest, or look at my crotch for evidence. I HATE it when people do that.. lol.. it's so.. dehumanizing.

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