So far, on the weekly shots.. I am doing really well..
I seem to have calmed down even more.. I'm happy.. more energetic.. my voice is dropping VERY fast.. I can barely do the toddler voice anymore -- I'm definitely losing the ability to do it..
The body hair is getting thicker and more coarse.. I have a mini-goatee goin on.. my mustache is insane..
My face looks so different already.. my butt is shrinking again.. I think I'm losing weight..
I like what's happening.. I just don't like that I'm breaking out with pimples again.. ack!

I'm not usually full of myself.. but I'm turning into one very sexy boy!

So yeah.. everything is going surprisingly well, with me being on the shot! .. I can't believe it.. I am actually quite surprised how calm and level and happy I am.. and I just had a really crappy day the other day.. I was starving, had no money, and got kicked out of my house..
But I wiped away my tears, packed up my things, and did what I had to do to fix the situation.

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