About 65 hours post-op. (not quite 3 days)
I was really scared and nervous going in. You know, that whole not having any control thing.. being knocked out.. being left completely in the hands of other people.. and I was worried about all the different things that could go wrong.
I was shaking - that's how scared I was.. but my anesthetists and nurses in the O.R. were really sweet, and made me feel more at ease.
After the surgeon marked me, I was given some medication via I.V. to calm down..
After that, I don't actually remember anything.. lol
I don't remember being given the anesthetic at all..

When I first woke up, I thought the surgery was just starting..
I didn't realize many hours had passed, or that I'd already had the surgery..
I woke up with an oxygen mask on.. which felt strange..
The male nurses I had in the recovery room were pretty awesome. They even noticed my lips were chapped, and rubbed vaseline on them for me.. lol
They were very attentive and sympathetic.. which is more than I can say for the first nurse I got when I was finally given a room.
I was less than 2 hours post-op, totally disoriented, dizzy, nauseated.. pale, and sickly.. and she made me walk from the gurney to my bed..
And then later on, when I was feeling even more sick, throwing up like crazy, and was sweating really bad, she hardly paid any attention to me.
I would go for long periods of time without seeing her at all..
I tried buzzing and buzzing for the nurse, but she almost never came.. and that sucked.. I was all alone for a while.
I told her I felt too hot, and she didn't bother taking my temperature.. all she did was put a cloth by the sink and tell me to wet it with cold water and stick it on my forehead.
I couldn't believe it. Just a couple hours post-op, and she wanted me to get up and wet my own cloth for my forehead.
Every time I managed to get her into the room, and asked something of her, she would act like it was some HUGE chore, and she'd rush through it.
Maybe she was busy.. but this was ridiculous. I needed to be looked after.. she's a nurse.. that's her job.
When a patient is uncomfortable, needs something, isn't feeling well.. the nurse is supposed to tend to them. She just acted like, how DARE I ask that of her.. lol
Oh well. Heh.
Sorry for the mini-rant.. lol
The night nurse I had was better, anyways. =)

So the anesthetic reaked havoc on my stomach, and for several hours, I couldn't keep any fluids down.. even when given gravol.
I didn't even attempt to eat solids or take any pain meds.
I wasn't in much pain at first.. probably because of the local anesthetic.. so I was able to go without pain medication for a while, anyways.. but eventually, I felt the pain. The drains made it feel like my insides were being pulled out.
Around 10 pm or so, my night nurse gave me a large dose of gravol and some morphine (in the I.V.).. Then, I slowly worked my way up from water, to other fluids.. and then finally, solids.
Since I had to stop eating at 10 pm the night before, it had been more than 24 hours since the last time I had eaten before that.
After that, the nausea and vomiting didn't return.
I was switched to oral painkillers in the morning, because I was going to be discharged later that day.. and they wanted to make sure I was on a medication I could take on my own.

My surgeon came to see me in the morning, and he took my bandage off to take a look at my chest, to see if everything was healing okay..
It looked amazing. My nipples were perfectly symmetrical.. the incisions were even, and nicely rounded, just like I wanted..
There's a bit of puckering, and he did leave the fat in, but that's okay. Just the fat. No breast tissue. He proportioned my pecs perfectly to my already chubby body.. and he explained that as I lose weight and build muscle, they will follow suit.

I'm in a bit of pain still, but no complications so far at all..
I've been on antibiotics since right after surgery.. now taking them orally.. so I think that's helping.. no infections that I know of.. no hematomas.. no seromas..
Hopefully none of that will happen at all. I've been doing everything according to the book.. taking my pain meds and antibiotics on time.. emptying my drains and keeping track of the amount of fluid that comes out.. and keeping my incisions and nipple sponges covered and dry.
I get my drains out in a week.. and I think that's when my nipples get assessed as well.
I'm excited to see what they look like under the little nipple sponges!

Here are a couple of videos documenting how surgery day went, and the few days following:

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