My doctor switched me to injections!!
I had my first shot yesterday!.. eeeeee!
I felt like I was floating on a happy cloud all day.. I am SO happy, I can't describe it!

Yes, there was some concern, both from me and my doctor.. about the injection agitating my pre-existing mental issues.. but my moods have been very stable this past while, and I have been frustrated at how slow the changes were coming.. so I asked my doctor if I could possibly switch to weekly injections.
He agreed, but said we will keep a close eye on things, and if there are any drastic mood changes, I will be switched back to the gel. He would not do bi-weekly shots.. understandably so.. I didn't want them, anyway. That's just too much T in my system at once.

Another reason I wanted to switch was.. the gel costs 150 dollars a month.. and is not covered by my prescription plan. The injectable forms of testosterone are completely covered by said prescription plan..
There was also the issue of convenience.
It's so hard to remember to apply the gel.. and you have to make sure you've showered first, or you have to wait until 6 hours after you've applied it, to shower.
With the weekly injection, all I have to do is go to the doctors office once a week, and get injected by a nurse.

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